Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday's Question of the Day!: YA Pet Peeves!

What is your #1 YA book pet peeve?

So I have a post coming up about this very subject that was loads of fun to write. Not really on pet peeves but more of stuff I feel have become hackneyed in the YA genre. This is more along the line on what annoys you about YA books. I know I know, it is tearing at your heart right now to have to search through your beloved genre for a flaw, but I think we all have one. But for the sake of anticipation of my upcoming post, I will just give a very very small one; and that is that NO ONE EVER HAS ANY HOMEWORK. Yes I know, petty as it is, it still irks me. I mean I am a senior in high school and with college apps, calculus, five other classes, and all the other stuff school thrust upon high schoolers, I find it so weird that all these teens have the time to go on week long expeditions and hang out and go on dates every single day of the school year, when most of us are lucky if we have an extra minute to breath now-a-days. And the fact that everyone's parents is so lax about everything. I mean when has it been that easy to just sneak out every night for a midnight rendezvous in the woods, or drive across your state on a weekday for some reason and your parents don't even mind. Anyone else ever annoyed by, okay, but anyway these aren't my top YA pet peeves but they're definitely up there!

What are one of you guy's YA pet peeves?!!


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