Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday- The Chaos

Waiting On Wednesday is a meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine.

Author: Nalo Hopkinson
Release Date: April 17, 2012

 Synopsis from Goodreads: Sixteen-year-old Scotch struggles to fit in—at home she’s the perfect daughter, at school she’s provocatively sassy, and thanks to her mixed heritage, she doesn’t feel she belongs with the Caribbeans, whites, or blacks. And even more troubling, lately her skin is becoming covered in a sticky black substance that can’t be removed. While trying to cope with this creepiness, she goes out with her brother—and he disappears. A mysterious bubble of light just swallows him up, and Scotch has no idea how to find him. Soon, the Chaos that has claimed her brother affects the city at large, until it seems everyone is turning into crazy creatures. Scotch needs to get to the bottom of this supernatural situation ASAP before the Chaos consumes everything she’s ever known—and she knows that the black shadowy entity that’s begun trailing her every move is probably not going to help.

Well that's definitely something different. Don't you get tired of reading the same old things like: " main character Instantly feels an attraction to"; or  "now main character has to deal with her new paranormal lifestyle". This book seems to be completely void of the YA cliches that have been annoyingly popping out EVERYWHERE. It is so refreshing to read such a unique synopsis. I love when I can genuinely say I have never heard of anything like this. And the characters are POC! Thank goodness for more diversity in YA!!!

What do you guys think of this week's Waiting on Wednesday? 


Kapri (Book Fanatics) said...

This does look interesting. And you're right, it's not like anything in YA that I've seen. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

chelleyreads said...

Hi Chioma! Thanks for stopping by our blog! :)

I haven't heard of this book but it sounds awesome. It sounds like it's a straight up paranormal with no insta-love, which i agree, is refreshing.

Have a great weekend and happy reading!

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