Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monday's Question of the Day (on Tuesday...again)- Romance Novels

This meme was started by Eleni over at /- LA FEMME READERS -/. I always enjoyed answering and reading the responses to the questions she comes up with, so I decided to start some of my own!

What do you think about romance novels?

You know the ones I am talking about. The ones with scantily dressed female models about to faint being held up by a muscular guy wearing an unusually low cut v-neck. Okay first, lets discuss these covers. Aren't they so hilarious. I mean what woman in her right mind (and right health of course) faints on a daily basis with no legit reason. And oh so coincidentally there is always a guy in tights and a white v-neck there to catch her. So yeah, I usually assume if the covers of these historical and contemporary romance novels are a reflection of the content of the book, I best not pick it up. But that is the total opposite of what I find is most of the paranormal romances I read. Sherrilyn Kenyon whom I would like to crown the Queen of all paranormal romances has a way of making her books not like any typical romance novel. With characters that are so incredible and strong and romance that is so sweet, coupled with kick butt action scenes, and actual dynamic plots; I think without Sherriyln Kenyon, the whole romance novel realm would be foreign to me. I seriously recommend her dark hunters series, if you have somewhat of a laughable mindset when it comes to  romance novels, her books will surely change your mind. Anyways as a final thought, I find the covers of romance novels to be extremely funny most of the time, but some authors have really redeemed the genre for me.

How do you feel about romance novels? Do you like them, do you find the covers funny, or do you think they are a fun indulgence?


LindsayWrites said...

i don't like them at all! lol. I just think they are sappy and the covers all look the same!

hope you will stop by and follow me!

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