Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday's Question of the Day (On Tuesday!) E-readers

This meme was started by Eleni over at /- LA FEMME READERS -/. I always enjoyed answering and reading the responses to the questions she comes up with, so I decided to start some of my own!

How do  you feel about E-readers?

Oh boy could I go on and on with this subject. But for the sake of time I will keep it short and sweet (kinda). I hate e-readers. I don't have one and I don't want one. Call me a conspiracy theorists, but I really believe that one day paper books will cease to exists and the libraries of a huge percentage of the book loving population will be replaced by 8'' by 6'' electronic books, which is not what I want AT ALL. And also recently about 2 or 3 of the borders in my city have been closed due to the recent drastic drop in sales and according to my local news, a great deal of those sales have been said to have gone towards E-books. I know a lot of people love their e-readers and love reading e-books but I really cannot look at a screen long enough to read one because the words will start to get fuzzy and my eyes will just shut down, so I'm not knocking you if you do love them, I just really don't. (Oh and for those of you who may be thinking that I shouldn't knock it before I try it, I have tried it and the I like them for reading manga, but I couldn't read a full book with one, but that's just me!)

What do all of you guys think about e-readers, do you like them, or do you think they will be the end of books as we know it (oh how I love being over dramatic!)???


lm long said...

I would say my kindle is probably one of the things I would grab as I was running out of my burning house. I love it that much. I don't mind the ink print of the kindle. I think the iPad can get tiresome on the eyes, but I've never had an issue with my kindle. I love that not only do I have MY entire library at my fingertips, I have a way to buy a new book in seconds. I see a book on goodreads, I purchase it immediately, and I can read it at my convenience. I don't have to try and remember it at the library or the bookstore. Of course I still own actual copies of my favorites, but it's a much more manageable library!

Mary said...

I have a Kindle and I really enjoy reading on it; I'm also getting a Kobo eReader so I'll have more flexibility in terms of format (more and more libraries have ePubs available!). Also, I don't like trying to read eBooks on my computer, so I need the eReader if I want to read eBooks (including galleys and ARCs). I still read plenty of paper books, though. I just like to be able to read all the different formats available. Also, on the Kindle, I can adjust the size of the print, which I really like a lot.

Great question!
Mary, A Book A Day

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