Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Have You Ever Craved A Book?+ Waiting on Wednesday #23

 Um, yeah that is definitely a dumb question. I'm pretty sure ever single one of us has craved a book before. And I mean craveeee. You go to your TBR shelf and look for something to satiate your thirst for a new incredible read, but nothing seems to peak your interest, or sound like anything you are looking for. But this is a different craving. I'm not talking about craving a book that has weeks or even months to be released. I craving a book that doesn't exist.

Ok, I tried to make that a lot more ominous than it really is but to put it plain and simply, I really really really want to read a new book written by one of my favorite authors. But since I have not heard anything regarding a new book, I am stuck wanting so much to read something that doesn't even exist. Yes it is a horrible feeling. And who do I have to blame for this, Beth Fantaskey. I have only read two of her books: Jekel Loves Hyde and Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side and I absolutely positively loved them. There is just something about those two books that separates them from every other paranormal romance book I have ever read.  I don't know if this actually makes sense, but they aren't one dimensional. You know what I mean when it seems like the plot of a book is flying on only a single flat wave length. That is SO not the case with Beth Fantaskey's books.

There is just something about both of her books that makes me want to keep on reading them forever. Every page I am on my toes waiting to read what is going to happen on the next page, yet I am trying to preserve the page so that it doesn't end too soon. For me, that is really what makes the perfect read. And Beth Fantaskey has this down to a science!!!!

[All of this was written sometime last week and left floating in the file that is my blog DRAFTS, but today I, thanks to Goodreads, have made a BREAKTHROUGH, which I would like to present to you all in the form of a Waiting On Wednesday]

Waiting On Wednesday is a meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine.
Jessica Rules the Dark Side (Jessica #2)
Author:   Beth Fantaskey
Release Date: January 9, 2012 

Synopsis from Goodreads:  When Jessica Packwood found out she was a Romanian vampire princess, she had the shock of her teenage life. Turns out that was the easy part. Now, married to Prince Lucius Vladescu, she has to claim her throne and convince a vampire nation she’s fit to be their queen. But Jess can’t even order a decent meal from her castle’s Romanian staff, let alone deal with devious undead subjects who would love to see her fail. And when Lucius is accused of murdering a vampire Elder and imprisoned without the blood he needs, Jessica finds herself alone, fighting for both their survivals. Desperate to clear her husband’s name and win his release, Jess enlists the help of her best friend Mindy Stankowicz and Lucius’s mysterious Italian cousin, Raniero Lovatu. But both of them are keeping some dark secrets. Can Jess figure out who to trust – and how to rise to power – before she loses everything, including the vampire she loves? Full of romance, mystery, and danger, the highly anticipated sequel to Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side shows that sometimes a princess has to earn her “happily ever after” – with a sharpened stake in hand.

Uh huh, uh huh; so what do we have here. What we have is a SEQUEL to Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by. Beth Fantaskey. A sequel, as in she is bringing back Lucius, Jessica, and the whole shebang back in another kick butt book. (And of course I already know it is going to be kick butt!!!). I cannot believe it. A week ago I was attempting to go back to my bookshelf and re-read one of my favorites and moping about the fact that this is last I will hear of these amazing characters and then BAM, goodreads hits me with this. I had no idea, no idea at ALL that there was going to be a second book, but it is so very very safe to say that I am absolutely beyond ecstatic about this fact. I can't wait at all!!! But really 2012!?! That is so far away, but I will endure! Does this mean we can expect a sequel to Jekel Loves Hyde? Oh, just extremely wishful thinking on my part! 

What are you guys waiting for (or craving for) this Wednesday?  


Sidne,the BCR said...

what other genres do you read?

iluvhersheys_andbooks said...

@Sidne,theBCR I read mostly all genres excluding historical or "coming of age" type books. I just favor paranormal/fantasy books.

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