Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Author Spotlight: Meg Cabot

*Author Spotlights are a "series" here on Black and Blue Ink where I post any kinds of posts that have to do with great authors that I adore. They can be anything from an author interview, to plain 
old author love*

Meg Cabot, one of my favorite authors EVER!!!! I figure I would get that out so you guys know before the introduction that you are in for some major author gushing. And this author spotlight gushing is dedicated to the one and only Meg Cabot. You know how you have a favorite author for different categories; it could be based on genre, post breakup authors, cozy hot chocolate rainy day authors, or the any day of the week authors. And then there is that dire question that I know would take any book lover extremely extremely long to answer: If you could only read one author for the rest of your life ...okay for a most a year, who would it be. For me it would definitely be Meg Cabot.  

In my opinion Meg Cabot is the queen of series. I have yet to read a series or even one book by Meg Cabot that I have not absolutely loved. She has a way of appealing to the deep psyche of a girl's mind and portraying it impeccably through her characters and plot line. She creates characters I either want to be more like, or want to be best friends with. With plot lines that I hope to a part of ( hot guy+ motorcycle, who doesn't want to be apart of that plot line?!?), or plot lines that are so cool yet unnerving that I'm glad I just get to read about it (*cough Airhead cough*)

 Meg Cabot is an author that just has the greatest talent in pulling the reader into every single one of her books. The way she combines paranormal and contemporary into the perfect mix, I doubt anyone can get tired of her books.

I am so glad I picked up the Mediator Series two years ago from my Barnes and Noble. Because if I had not and I had sprung for that Angel of Death Journal (which I ended up getting the next day anywaysss) I would have missed out on my favorite series and authors in the world!!!

Here are Meg Cabot's Links!!!!

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YA Book Queen said...

Meg Cabot = Queen of YA lit


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