Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday's Question of the Day: Love Triangles!

What do you think of love triangles? 

To be completely honest, I could do without them. I don't necessarily hate them, but I really don't like them very much either. There is just something about a book with a love triangle that has me putting it down more often than I would usually any other book. Ironically, some of my favorite books ever are those that feature love triangles. The thing with me is that I always end up completely liking one of the guys or girls, and despising the other person involved in the triangle. And when the main character starts going more for the person whom I am not rooting for, lets just say its time for me to put that book down for a while before I start yelling at it. One of the angles of the triangle always seems to have to ruin what the other two have in my opinion. That's pretty much the only reason. Which sort of annoys me since there seems to be an epidemic of love triangles in almost every single book coming out. I guess I am going to have to deal because I know I am not missing out on all of those great new books coming out!

So as you can see love triangles are something I feel pretty strongly about. LOL that sounded so serious I just had to laugh. Books with love triangles for me are either hit or miss; though in the end, I usually end up loving the book no matter who "wins".

So go ahead and comment your response to this weeks question. I really want to know what you guys think of love triangles since I know most people adore them. 
Thank You! 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Review: Dead is So Last Year by. Marlene Perez

Title: Dead is So Last Year (Dead is...#3)
Author: Marlene Perez
Publication Date: May 4, 2009
Pages: 208 
Genre: Supernatural
Rating: 8/10

Synopsis from Goodreads: Something very strange starts happening in Nightshade the summer that the eldest Giordano sister, Rose, gets a job working at Dr. Franken's research laboratory. People are starting to see double. Doppelgängers of Nightshade residents are popping up all over town. Daisy, Rose and Poppy think it's a coincidence, until the rumors start that their father, who disappeared several years ago, has been spotted in town. Meanwhile, Daisy's beau, Ryan is spending all of his time training for football, and like the other guys on the team, he's grown enormous almost overnight. Samantha Devereux's boyfriend's neck has doubled in size since school ended. Could the football players be resorting to extreme measures to win? Between summer jobs, sugar rushes, and beach parties, the Giordano girls get to the bottom of these mysteries and more.

Review: What else could happen in a city where werewolves roam free and invisible boyfriends (of the unimagined kind) are the norm; dopplegangers! Oh yes, it is said that everyone on earth has a exact body double somewhere out there, but in the city of Nightshade, dopplegangers seem to be popping up everywhere. Not the fun switch places in class kind of body-doubles. The, kind were one look and you kind of explode kind, nothing unusual for Poppy and her psychic family.

Could the concept of this book have been any more intriguing; Dopplegangers. Poppy and the rest of her family are still dealing with the paranormal blunders of the last book. Now they are seeing double. And to top it all off the Giordano's father has shown up back in town. But is it really their father, or another Doppleganger. This was the fun part of the book. Trying to figure out for myself whether I thought their "father" was the real thing or not. There's so much pulling in either direction. I felt so bad for the girls while they were going through this, but in the end...

The relationships in the series stayed strong, which is something I am definitely happy to see. The things that make these books different when it comes to the relationships is that they showcase how teenage relationships should go. (Not that I am against the love triangles, or the death will keep up apart plots now-a-days; those are great for fun, but when looking for realistic relationship examples this series is great). Relationships that help you out instead of add another checkpoint on the stress-o-meter!

This series is getting better and better in my opinion. I really didn't think that it would have such great plots in each of the book and still flow so well together. I really love the series and can't wait until the next book. I mean I really can't since this book decided to end in somewhat of a cliffhanger!

Recommendations: If you are looking for quick reads that can still hold your interest all throughout the series, these books are definitely for you!!!

Overall: 8/10

Characters: 8/10 
Plot: 9/10
Entertainment: 8/10 
Ending: 8/10 
Writing Style: 8/10
Cover:  7/10

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday #21- Once Every Never

Waiting On Wednesday is a meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine.

Once Every Never
Release Date: July 1, 2011
Publisher:  Penguin Canada

 Synopsis from Goodreads: Clarinet Reid is a pretty typical teenager. On the surface. She’s smart, but a bit of slacker; outgoing, but just a little insecure; not exactly a mischief-maker… but trouble tends to find her wherever she goes. Also? She unwittingly carries a centuries-old Druid Blood Curse running through her veins. Now, with a single thoughtless act, what started off as the Summer Vacation in Dullsville suddenly spirals into a deadly race to find a stolen artifact, avert an explosive catastrophe, save a Celtic warrior princess, right a dreadful wrong that happened centuries before Clare was even born, and if there’s still time—literally—maybe even get a date. This is the kind of adventure that happens to a girl once every… never.
Yep, I picked this book mainly because it was by Lesley Livingston. That's all it really takes to have me obsessively pining for a book. That and of course Sherrilyn Kenyon's name, Shelena Shorts, Wendy Raven McNair, and a bunch of other authors on a book to get me to fall in love with it even before I read it. Oh yeah, my expectations are pretty high. Its sounds like its going to be amazing!!!

What are you waiting for this Wednesday? 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Black History Month Poem!!!

So in English this week we were all asked to create an original free verse poem to recite to the class. (A "break" assignment from the horror my teacher assigned us over this break). And I just started writing and eventually I came up with a poem that was, for me the epitome of what black history month is. I really liked what I came up with so I just wanted to share it. Though I dislike writing poetry so much; (I would much rather write an essay), this is what I came up with and I kind of like it!

Our Say

They Said.
The pains and woes of past plague
Would shape
Would define
Would make
Before Madame Walker crossed the mighty Delta
Showed her light shone bright.
Before the great Doctor preached new wisdom down broken
Atlanta streets.
Before the King, silenced the world as he walked across the moon.
They said.
Could they overcome, could it be done?
Here, Now
Standing two feet firm and proud.
We will not be moved.
As our roaring voices silence the ignorant echo heard worldwide.
We cannot be moved.
They said how.
They said why.
They said no.
We say yes.

by. Chioma

Tell me what you guys think!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Author Spotlight: Meg Cabot

*Author Spotlights are a "series" here on Black and Blue Ink where I post any kinds of posts that have to do with great authors that I adore. They can be anything from an author interview, to plain 
old author love*

Meg Cabot, one of my favorite authors EVER!!!! I figure I would get that out so you guys know before the introduction that you are in for some major author gushing. And this author spotlight gushing is dedicated to the one and only Meg Cabot. You know how you have a favorite author for different categories; it could be based on genre, post breakup authors, cozy hot chocolate rainy day authors, or the any day of the week authors. And then there is that dire question that I know would take any book lover extremely extremely long to answer: If you could only read one author for the rest of your life ...okay for a most a year, who would it be. For me it would definitely be Meg Cabot.  

In my opinion Meg Cabot is the queen of series. I have yet to read a series or even one book by Meg Cabot that I have not absolutely loved. She has a way of appealing to the deep psyche of a girl's mind and portraying it impeccably through her characters and plot line. She creates characters I either want to be more like, or want to be best friends with. With plot lines that I hope to a part of ( hot guy+ motorcycle, who doesn't want to be apart of that plot line?!?), or plot lines that are so cool yet unnerving that I'm glad I just get to read about it (*cough Airhead cough*)

 Meg Cabot is an author that just has the greatest talent in pulling the reader into every single one of her books. The way she combines paranormal and contemporary into the perfect mix, I doubt anyone can get tired of her books.

I am so glad I picked up the Mediator Series two years ago from my Barnes and Noble. Because if I had not and I had sprung for that Angel of Death Journal (which I ended up getting the next day anywaysss) I would have missed out on my favorite series and authors in the world!!!

Here are Meg Cabot's Links!!!!

Books Series!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Manga Review: Bloody Kiss by. Kazuko Furumiya

Title: Bloody Kiss
Author: Kazuko Furumiya
Publication Date: August 11, 2009
Pages: 192
Genre: Paranormal
Rating: 8/10

 Synopsis from Goodreads: Kiyo is a struggling student who strives to become a lawyer and clear her father's name. When she inherits a mansion from her late grandmother, Kiyo thinks she's finally hit a streak of good luck. But she soon finds out that the mansion is already inhabited by a couple of vampires, including the handsome Kuroboshi, who seems to have his eyes set on Kiyo for his new vampire bride...

Review:  Bloody Kiss is a funny, adorable, cute and quick manga read that will keep you smiling all throughout the book! This book is simply adorable. You have funny characters coupled with an cute line that inexplicably binds all of them together!

Something I found funny in this book that for some reason annoys me in other books is Kiyo, the main character's, easiness in accepting the fact that two vampires are living in her new house. Usually the main female protagonist is easy to go with the flow of the paranormal (which I find annoying for some reason) but Kiyo accepts it garlic necklace and all. Not because she expecting to find two hot vampires living in her house and that fact doesn't freak her out in the slightest, but because that's just her personality.

I did want a little bit more romance out of the book. But the cute budding romance made this manga a good read. Something I did find weird though was Kiyo's submissiveness after a while. I mean living with a vamp is okay, but letting him go on biting you all willy nilly doesn't see like it would be any girl's cup of tea, no matter how good looking. But that fact didn't overshadow the rest of the book. And really who doesn't want a hot guy chasing after you, even if he does want your blood.

This book was really cute, quick, and enjoyable. Not the most intricate plot line, but fun and enjoyable anyway!

Recommendations: Manga lovers will love this book. And those looking to being reading their first couple of manga's, this book is perfect for you!

Overall: 8/10

Characters: 7/10 
Plot: 8/10
Originality: 7/10 
Entertainment: 9/10 
Ending: 8/10 
Writing Style: 9/10
Cover:  8/10

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday #20- Starcrossed

Waiting On Wednesday is a meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine.

Author:  Josephine Angelini 
Release Date: June 3, 2011 
Publisher:  Macmillan Children's Books
Greek Mythology/Romance

Synopsis from Goodreads: Set on the island of Nantucket, STARCROSSED tells the tale of Helen Hamilton, a young woman whose destiny is forever altered when she meets Lucas Delos and tries to kill him in front of her entire high school. Which is terribly inconvenient, not only because Lucas is the most beautiful boy on the island, but also because Helen is so achingly shy she suffers physical pain whenever she is given too much attention. Making matters worse, Helen is beginning to suspect she’s going crazy. Whenever she’s near Lucas or any member of his family she sees the ghostly apparitions of three women weeping bloody tears, and suffers the burden of an intense and irrational hate. She soon learns that she and Lucas are destined to play the leading roles in a Greek tragedy that the Three Fates insist on repeating over and over again throughout history. Like her namesake, Helen of Troy, she’s destined to start a war by falling in love. But even though Lucas and Helen can see their own star-crossed destiny, they’re still powerfully attracted to each other. Will they give up their personal happiness for the greater good, or risk it all to be together?
Doesn't it sound so cool. If they taught Greek Mythology like this in school, I know I would have payed more attention. I love reading books set around Greek Mythology, especially romance books. Sherrilyn Kenyon does this with her Dark Hunters Series and it remains my favorite adult romance series to date!!! This books sounds like it is going to be friggen amazing. I can't wait!!!

What are you guys waiting for this Wednesday? 

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