Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday's Question of The Day!!!

This meme was started by Eleni over at /- LA FEMME READERS -/.

This Monday's question is: 
Do you prefer reading a series or a stand-alone book?
This one is a no brainer for me. Of course I prefer series! I thoroughly enjoy reading books that are a part of a series a lot more than stand alone. About 80% of all the books I read are apart of a series. Especially if there is wonderful character development so I get really attached to the characters, of course I would love for the story to go on with more books. If you check out my Top 10 Favorite Books post, you'll see that only one of those books out of ten were not a part of a series. There are so many books that I love out there that I would have loved to have a sequel. Without a doubt, series any day!

So tell me, which do you prefer: series, or stand-alone books? I would love to hear your opinions so don't hesitate to leave a comment!    


Eleni @ La Femme Readers said...

Hm, I prefer both. Some of my favorite books are from series. The only thing I hate about them is the crazy cliffhangers in the end. I wish they'd come out with book back to back so I won't have to wait :)

Marce said...

I love a thriller or mystery that is stand alone. I have recently started reading series but I don't look for them. The Wake Trilogy was amazing and I look forward to the sequel of The Prophecy Sisters but definitely still prefer stand alones.

Mrs. DeRaps said...

I like both. I don't like a series that could've been written as a single novel, and I don't like a single novel that should've been a series. Basically, whenever I love a book I want more of it!

Alyssa Kirk @ Teens Read and Write said...

I love both but if there are characters I adore, I want a series!

Teens Read and Write

Spellboundbybooks Melissa said...

I enjoy both!! I agree with Eleni about the cliffhangers, while they are good sometimes it's irritating if you have to wait so long for the next book!

Brianna Bruce said...

Definitely series-If I love the characters, I don't want to have to say goodbye to them too soon!

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