Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Showdown #1

Throwdown Thursday is a weekly meme where we tackle books with similar characters, themes, etc. to determine which one rocks more.  And it is up to YOU to determine the winner! Just comment below with who you think deserves the title. Throwdown Thursday was created by The Neverending Shelf, I just changed the name to Saturday Showdown because I love Saturdays!!!

Faeries vs. Werewolves
 This week's Saturday showdown is between the cute, lovable, sometimes malicious flesh eating faeries, and... the dangerous, cunning, always sexy [Sam (from Shiver)...swoon] werewolves. Who will come out on top, you decide!!!

And for the Contestants

On the Faeries Side we have...



On the Werewolf side...



I know it may seem unfair to pin three complete faerie series against 2 werewolf series and a stand alone, but I still think the wolves have what it takes to go up against the faeries. I'm team faeries all the way though!!! Who will be the winners, you decide!!! Let the showdown begin!!!


Brianna Bruce said...

I agree with you about faeries. I like them much better than werewolves, especially in Wicked Lovely, which I've just started to read.

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