Sunday, May 2, 2010

POC Reading Week!!!!

This week I am declaring it POC Reading Week here at Black and Blue Ink!!!
There are so many great POC books out there that many people don't know about, and these great books need the recognition they deserve. I can bet that there are many of you guys out there that have joined the POC Reading Challenge but aren't really sure about which books you want to read for the challenge, or what kind of POC books are out there,  but this week you will be able to see if any of the featured books are something you would be interested in reading. Or if you are iffy about whether or not you want to join the challenge out of fear of not completing it (because you don't think there are enough POC books you might like out there), this week you can get some great reccomendations. So in dedication of POC books everywhere, this week on Black and Blue Ink is all about you!!! All memes, reviews, author interviews will be dedicated to POC and getting some of my favorite books out there!!!


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