Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter or Just Another Sunday, to all + In My Mailbox #11

Happy Easter to all of you guys who celebrate it, have a great day and eat tons of candy. And to those who don't celebrate Easter, Happy Sunday April 4th (5 days until I turn 16!!!!!), and you also should eat tons of candy, it's tradition. And when else do stores sell PEEPS!!! Cherish the opportunity and stuff your faces, I know I will!!!

 In My Mailbox #11
In My Mailbox shows what I recieved this week in the mail, no boring stuff like winning lottery ticket checks, or years supply of reeces pieces, nope just the good stuff like books. Big ups to The Story Siren for creating this meme and for Alea at Pop Culture Junkie for inspiring it!!! 

I am long overdue in reading the second book in this series since I really liked the first so I figured now is as good a time as ever. 
This book sounds awesome!!! I love the combination of history, paranormal, and romance; so exciting!!! 
 If you haven't read the first book, you should, you must. Meg Cabot is a bonifide genius, I loved Airhead so much, it wasn't anything I expected it to be and it was awesome!!!
Trade (bookmooch):
I made the mistake of watching the movie before I read the book, but since I absolutely adored the movie, and read that the movie was a pretty good rendition of the book, I decided to redeem myself and start reading the series!!! 
Dark Desire (Carpathians, #2) by. Christine Feehan 
I am a sucker for paranormal romance. I started reading these books when I finished Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters Series, and they're great!!!

What did you all get this week?  


Taschima Cullen said...

City of Ashes!!!!!!

blueicegal said...

omg you have to read city of ashes!! becuase it is that awesome, and city of glass is even awesomer, the whole darn series is just plain fantastic! i also watched the movie angus thongs, although i must have cringed like 7 times, i adored it, great collection you have there happy reading chioma! :)

ck.twilighter said...

Aloha and Happy Easter!!

I just read The Mortal Instrument series and I am so glad I had all 3 because i blew through them so fast! Great books!!

Enjoy your reads & here is my Mailbox:
Chasity @ LLL in the 808

Christina T said...

I hope you enjoy City of Ashes. I love the Mortal Instruments books. Dreaming Anastasia sounds fantastic. I have that one on my TBR list. The Georgia Nicolson books look like so much fun. I keep meaning to read them. I hope you enjoy your reading.

Here is my mailbox.

Eleni @ La Femme Readers said...

Great books this week & happy Easter to u too!

Lori said...

Nice bundle of books. I hope that you will them.

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