Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cover Wars #1

Since I am the self proclaimed Queen of judging a book by its cover, I felt the meme Cover Wars seemed like fun. I don't know where this meme origniated (and if you guys do, please let me know, everyone deserves their credit) so I'll just give you links to other bloggers doing similiar memes. I Want to Read That, Not Enough Bookshelves, Sarah's Book Reviews, Imagination in Focus, and All Things Urban Fantasy all also do Cover Wars, and Bloody Bookaholic does a similar meme called US vs. UK. They all deserve the credit so Check 'em out!!!

For my first Cover Wars I am featuring one of my all time favorite series:

Original US Covers

I really love the original US covers. They just have so much personalitly and they fit the each book so perfectly. The girl on teh cover is the perfect image for Raven. 

New US Covers

Now these covers gorgeous. They are just so gothic and mysterious and dark, I love how only part of the body is being shown in each cover. The fonts on all three are the perfect touch to all of them too!!!

Spain Covers

Wow, I really really really, dislike these with a passion. I love the font for the first one, but that is pretty much where the love begins and ends. I mean I know I'm not one to talk since I cant draw if my life dependedon it but they look like really quick and not what I look for on the cover of what I hope to be a great book.

Been there, done that. I don't really like this one either. I mean can you get anymore cliche when it comes to a vampire novel. Red blood dripping font, girl with red lipstick and fangs, we get it. Next!!!


I actually really like these. They are so adorable. They look like manga, and the color schemes for each of them rock!!!

For this round, I definately think the Original US covers takes the cake. Which one do you guys choose?


MG (Loud Words & Sounds) said...

I love this series! :)

At first I thought the Japanese series was actually the manga, it looks kind of near the art work for the manga.


MrsCullenized said...

I really like the New US covers


I really like the new US covers, their dark and edgy!

Victoria said...

Personally, I like the Japanese ones the best. They're so artsy and well done! :)

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