Friday, January 29, 2010

Review: Major Crush by. Jennifer Echols

Title: Major Crush                              Author: Jennifer Echols
Age Range: 11+
Publication Date: August 1st 2006
Pages: 304
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Rating:  8/10

Synopsis: Tired of the beauty-pageant circuit, Virginia Sauter tosses her tiara, pierces her nose, and auditions for the most unlikely of roles — drum major of the high school marching band.
Virginia wins, but is forced to share the title with Drew, whose family has held the position for generations. Sure, Drew is hot, but because of his superior attitude, he and Virginia are constantly arguing. That is, until they share more than just their half-time salute...
But as the drum major's heated competition turns to sizzling romance, explosive rumors threaten everything — including the band's success. Love seemed to be a sure hit, but Virginia and Drew may be marching straight into disaster.

Review: Major Crush is an incredibly cute, quick read. This book has all the elements of a great romantic comedy. Though the romance is the main point of this book, there are many other things going on in the book that combine to make a great read. 

The romance was so cute and fun to read about in this book. Virginia is crushing hard on her co drum major, Drew, who resents her for making him share his leadership. It's funny how girls always want what they can't have in romance books. Not only does Drew dislike her with a passion, but he is also dating one or both (he doesn't even know) of the two evilest twins in the whole school who seem bent on ruining Virginia's life. I mean he is rude, annoying, and hot. I guess the last one cancels out the other two in this case. But gradually I got to see why Drew is the way he is, especially towards Virginia.

I loved the characters. Every single one of them. Virginia, changing from her past beauty contest champion self to individualist nose ringed self. And Drew just gets better and better as the book goes on. Though I found him to be somewhat of an idiot in some places. I mean if you don't know name the name of which twin you are dating, then its probably time to stop dating her, or them.

This book was a cute, funny, and romantic read. I reccomend this book to all those who like romance, funny books, and who are in need of a quick read.

Characters: 9/10
Plot: 7/10
Originality: 7/10
Entertainment: 8/10
Ending: 9/10
Writing Style: 10/10
Cover: 8/10
Total: 8/10


Dahlia (TheBookShopaholic) said...

Sounds interesting!

MG (Loud Words & Sounds) said...

Glad you liked this book!

It's one of my favorites.

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