Saturday, September 19, 2009

First Blog Post!!!

         Hey fellow young adults, and young adult book lovers. Its Chioma the creator of this blog. This is yet another YA review blog. I have been viewing various young adult blogs for about forever now and it feels so awesome to finally have my very own, woot woot. So the basis of my blog is pretty much going to be like this. I would like to have at least 2 review posts per week, and at least 1 contest per month. By the way I am going to be hosting a contest with two special winners sometime this month. I really would like to strictly have YA books on my blog , but there may be times I sneak in a different variation of books to review (when I do I will be sure to warn everyone).
       This is the first time I am actually hosting a blog so I am really just doing my own thing here. But if any of you fellow bloggers out there have any tips or things you think I should add or change to my blog I would be more than happen to check  out your ideas. Thank all those who came to check out my blog, even though I don't have much now, and advanced thanx to those who like see the potential in my blog enough to become followers!!! Hope you all like what you see and I look forward to my future blogging!!!

~ Chioma


Lea said...

Hi Chioma! Welcome to the blogging community! I just have to say, I love your blogs setup (template, layout, color scheme). It's so awesome! If you ever have any questions just come ask me,

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